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I am Amy Koba.  I am an artist living in Sedona Arizona. 
I love the outdoors, camping, hiking and exploring.  Although
I will dabble in almost any art form, I mostly paint with acrylic
paint on canvas.  My favorite subjects are landscapes and animals. 

Inspiration abounds in Arizona.  Surprises lie around every bend
in the trail and I am compelled to try to capture it's beauty somehow.

Cathedral Rock
Sunset on the Rocks

I grew up in an artistic family.  My mother introduced me to many art forms including painting, ceramics,
needlework, sewing, and crafts.  I spent many hours in the garage with my father exploring more
scientific kinds of things, like Astronomy, wood working, electronics, model trains, and rock polishing.

With encouragement from my family and two semesters as an art major at the University of Utah, I taught
myself to paint. I was also heavily influenced by Jerry Yarnell's instruction on PBS television.

           Before moving to Sedona, I was a member of the Brea Art Association in Brea California,
           where I received the Artist of the Year award twice.

           Currently I am an active member of the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, and have
           participated in numerous art shows in Sedona, including the Sedona Art Festival 2008.

Layers of the Grand Canyon
   Westfork Bridge

I was represented by the Bradshaw Gallery in Sedona,
from August 2007 through March 2008, and by
the Canyon Moon Theater, during April 2008. 

I received an Emerging Artist Grant from the
City of Sedona in May of 2008.

Painting is very relaxing for me.  I enjoy exploring my creative side.
It is very therapeutic to let your mind wander onto the canvas.

Since moving to Sedona, I have discovered Rock hunting.  Interesting
rocks abound in Arizona.  Agates, crystals, and onyx to name a few.
Hunting rocks is a very peaceful past time.  Many hours are spent
in remote locations with beautiful scenery and serenity.
I also have learned to cut and polish my own rocks and learned to
wire wrap them to make jewelry.  I very much this new art form. 
         Oak Creek                
Baby Quail and Mama
First day out of the nest
Coyote at Grand Canyon
             Baby bunny
Waiting for Mom

The photos on this page are examples of the scenery and wildlife in Northern Arizona which inspire me to paint.